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2 min readFeb 3, 2022


Tsukiyomi is excited to announce its partnership and investment in the BeatsuNFTS project. Beatsu is a universe built with 9001 randomly generative visual audio NFTs with a storyline that takes place in Etherwerld.

Beatsu’s universe takes place in a dark dystopian world taken over by an artificial intelligence known as Magnus. While Magnus was initially a catalyst of scientific and technological innovation, the system got into the wrong hands and wiped out the population of 8 million to just 9000 survivors. Disagreement between how to best proceed after Magnus’s destruction splits the small remaining 9000 people into 5 different clans.

Beatsu’s 9001 “Hero” NFTs are randomly generated from millions of possible combinations. Each randomly generated Hero has hundreds of possible visual attributes (skin, hair, clothing, etc.) and randomly generated music. The audio component for each Hero NFT is generated by randomly picking stems from the genre correlating to the Hero’s clan. There are 5 different clans in Etherwerld, each with it’s own music genre: Neo City (retro-wave), Shiba District (lo-fi hip hop), Luna Station (drum n bass), The Block (techno), and Solana Sector (trance).

The Hero’s NFT drop is only the beginning of the Beatsu project and Tsukiyomi’s financial backing, enables the project to continue to expand its platform and story.

In addition to financial investment in Beatsu, Tsukiyomi Group has a large role in the project’s development and launch. Tsukiyomi’s founders, Hobe S. and Homam M., both play key parts in Beatsu. Homam is a lead developer and project manager for the Beatsu project, along with being a music artist under the name Outr3ach. Meanwhile, Hobe is the co-founder of Beatsu and is responsible for the operations, community building, marketing, and concept creation.

Along with Hobe and Homam, Beatsu’s core team includes Paul K. and Tyler M. Paul is the co-founder of Beatsu, the project’s music lead, and does music under the artist name FKYA. Paul has done official remixes for Krewella and Chainsmokers just to name a few. Tyler is the art director and is also a music artist under the name Fairlane. Tyler has worked on an official remix for Rihanna, collaborated with Slander, and toured with Illenium.

Tsukiyomi Group is one of the leading blockchain advisory and investment groups. Based in Vancouver, Tsukyomi’s founders, Hobe and Homam, have been involved in projects including Minterest, RMRK, Block Bank, and Deeper Network.

In addition to its Hero’s NFT drop, Beatsu has a variety of plans to expand its platform. The project’s roadmap includes music partnerships, expanded stories and lore, a utility token, a staking platform, and a video game. Tsukiyomi is just the first of many partnerships that Beatsu will be announcing in the coming months.

Beatsu’s Official Trailer

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