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The Tsukiyomi Group
2 min readMar 17, 2021

The Tsukiyomi team originally started our journey as day traders in the cryptocurrency space. We noticed that a lot of projects lacked the strategic partnerships and funding required to succeed in this incredibly competitive market. We made it our goal to make a difference in the blockchain space, and use our expertise to propel these new projects forward.

Hobe began his crypto journey as a successful day trader, gaining influence through his ability to spot gems very early on. Hobe’s strength lies in his ability to research new projects and find the diamonds in the rough. This helped him land a position with TrustSwap as one of their lead advisors in launchpad project acquisitions. Homam, is a Computer Science graduate from one of Canada’s top universities, with working experience in game development and automation. His educational background inspired his fascination with blockchain technology and the idea of decentralization. His passion for tech is the driving force behind his commitment and motivation to ensure the success of every project he works with.

Our goal is to provide advisory services, funding, and the right connections to help promising blockchain startups grow and succeed. Using our network and expertise, we aim to assist these projects in achieving their long-term vision.


Hobe and Homam

For any questions, please feel free to reach us on:

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The Tsukiyomi Group

Cryptocurrency Investment Group based out of Vancouver, BC.