Tsukiyomi Group Announces Strategic Investment in Vaulty Finance (Vaulty)

The Tsukiyomi Group
3 min readJun 1, 2021


The Tsukiyomi Group is proud to announce a new strategic investment in the Vaulty Finance project.

Vaulty is an innovative yield optimizer project that merges NFTs with the power of DeFi. The project is unique in that it has a profit sharing yield aggregator system that incorporates NFT yield techniques into an easy to use DeFi DApp.

NFT stands for Non Fungible Token. They are tokens that run on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes them unique, however, is that each one is uniquely identifiable. This is where the “non fungible” part comes in. A fungible token means that each token is identical and there wouldn’t be a discrepancy in worth or function between tokens. Two people could trade their fungible tokens between each other and nothing would change since they’re identical.

A non fungible token is unique and can have its own worth or functionality. Since each NFT is uniquely identified, each one is special and can have a serial number. In addition, you can link a piece of media like an image to that unique token. And that is what provided the breeding grounds for a surge in popularity for NFTs. Harking back to the world of baseball and Pokemon trading cards, NFTs have seen a sudden boom in popularity due to the inherent collectability aspect they provide. And Vaulty is the first project to bring this fresh industry into a DeFi package.

Yield aggregators have been around for some time, enabling users to simply contribute some of their funds to a pool. This pool then automatically earns interest yields on the funds. Users can later collect their funds with the earned interest all while avoiding any centralized banking service. Because of this, yield aggregators have become a staple in the decentralized finance niche of crypto. Vaulty merges this with NFTs to let users earn interest while exposing themselves to the innovative NFT space.

Vaulty is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, which allows it to have low gas fees when using the project. The Ethereum blockchain has been struggling with high congestion and gas fees that make it unusable for everyday retail traders. By avoiding these high gas fees, Vaulty makes itself accessible to any retail investor.

Similar to most yield aggregators, Vaulty has its own token. The $Vaulty token is used to pay out part of the vault’s yield rewards, allowing users to get a better return. The token is also under constant buying pressure due to its profit-sharing model. This is because all of the different strategies Vaulty uses to earn yields will have a performance fee.

Vaulty also provides its own NFTs you can earn as yield rewards for staking in the Vaulty pools. Users can select NFT rewards through the Vaulty gallery. These NFTs can then also be staked to earn even more yield rewards on your assets.

Vaulty is the first yield aggregating vault platform to offer NFT opportunities in the DeFi space. The Tsukiyomi Group looks forward to seeing the Vaulty project continue to grow and push the boundaries of DeFi and NFTs.

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