Tsukiyomi Group Announces Strategic Investment in Carbon (GEMS)

The Tsukiyomi Group
3 min readMay 20, 2021

The Tsukiyomi Group is proud to announce a new strategic investment in the Carbon Project.

Carbon is an innovative crypto project striving to merge crypto into creative industries like fashion, music, and art. The project is developing many features including a marketplace, native token, debit card, and more.


The Marketplace is one of the most impressive parts of the Carbon project. It will let users explore and buy physical and digital items like fashion, music, and other art. Carbon’s Marketplace will feature a variety of high-end brands, from well-known luxury companies to fresh indie brands.

All of this will be presented in a social media styled app, letting users like and share different items they’ve found. Behind the scenes, Carbon will use AI technology to find the perfect items to recommend to each individual user. This turns the Marketplace from just a shopping site into a hub for building vibrant communities and exploring art.


Carbon will dedicate 20% of all marketplace revenue to reinvest into its creative community. This funding will enable creatives to do everything from releasing new collectibles to hosting live concerts. By distributing these funds back to its creatives, Carbon is stimulating its creator economy, strengthening its own ecosystem, and enabling the full potential of creatives around the world.

Carbon Cards

Next up, Carbon will have its own debit cards that incentivize spending in the Marketplace with competitive cashback rates, crypto rewards, and other perks. With 3 tiers of cards, users can get better rewards and perks by spending in the Marketplace. A dedicated team at Carbon will be continuously coordinating special perks like exclusive events, discounts, and much more.


The Carbon Wallet will be the perfect way for users to store crypto holdings. By plugging into Web3.0 technologies, the Carbon Wallet will work with technologies like DeFi, NFTs, and the Metaverse. All of this will come accompanied by Neo Banking features and seamless integration into the rest of the Carbon ecosystem.

Native GEM Token

Lastly, we have Carbon’s native token, GEMS, which powers the whole Carbon ecosystem. It will be tightly integrated into the Carbon Marketplace and Carbon Card. By spending money, users will earn both cashback and GEMS rewards.

GEMS is a multi-utility token, meaning it will have a wide variety of features and uses. Users will be able to use GEMS tokens for staking, voting, and more. Meanwhile, events’ ticket fees will be paid with GEMS tokens that are subsequently burned from circulation. This lowers the supply of GEMS tokens and naturally creates a positive pressure on GEMS’s price.

Carbon also plans to later migrate the GEMS token to the Polkadot blockchain using the Moonbeam Network. This will enable additional features for the GEMS token that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to add.

“One of the bright stars in the NFT game, Carbon is doing everything right to succeed in the crypto space. By empowering and providing the tools for professional creatives, Carbon is setting themselves up to be the number one place for creatives to promote and sell their work. Carbon will be a major player in the NFT space.”

— Hobe Satini, Managing Partner TG

As Carbon continuous to develop its impressive catalog of features, the Tsukiyomi Group looks forward to seeing the project thrive as a unique and vibrant ecosystem. The project has a passionate team behind it and is in progress to becoming a strong crypto project perfect for creatives.

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