Tsukiyomi Group Announces Strategic Investment in BlockBank (BBANK)

The Tsukiyomi Group
5 min readApr 15, 2021

The Tsukiyomi Group is proud to announce a new strategic investment into BlockBank.

BlockBank is a revolutionary hybrid of decentralized finance (DeFi) and centralized finance (CeFi). The project strives to deliver a simple banking experience without the security and privacy concerns of a centralized company. BlockBank also has a strong emphasis on using AI intelligent advisors to aid users when investing.

Banking with BlockBank

While the rise of DeFi has produced many solutions that couldn’t be solved with centralized finance, the DeFi world remains very complex and unintuitive. BlockBank is working hard to bring the benefits of DeFi in an easy-to-use package for anyone to bank with.

By using its unique hybrid systems, BlockBank will offer features previously exclusive to DeFi or CeFi. The project will support DeFi features like non-custodial wallets, access to decentralized exchanges, and support for decentralized applications (Dapps). In addition, the project will be able to provide features previously exclusive to CeFi. These include converting fiat, mobile and desktop applications, integration with Visa and Mastercard, and more.

These centralized services are made possible by BlockBank’s partners. BlockBank actively partners with banking companies that have the proper infrastructure to support cards, fiat gateways, and other banking services. The project already has two banking partners and is actively in negotiations with additional banking institutions. These partnerships enable BlockBank to offer conveniences and features making it practical for real world usage.

While certain centralized features will require KYC (know your customer), BlockBank’s DeFi services will be available to all users. This is because BlockBank will support DeFi services through its web3 browser Dapps and non custodial wallet. Included in the DeFi services is BlockBank’s innovative AI technology.

AI Investing Advisor

BlockBank’s AI assistant offers users financial analysis unparalleled within the crypto industry. The AI system offers real-time monitoring which can provide financial analysis for any crypto trader and investor.

This same technology has been used outside of crypto in the traditional finance systems for a few years now. The technology has seen amazing performance in index funds and ETFs and many large companies are already using it for their investment strategies.

The company providing the technology to this highly skilled AI advisor is called Skael. BlockBank has secured exclusive rights to using Skael’s technologies for cryptocurrencies in addition to distribution rights for using the AI for other financial sectors. This immediately puts BlockBank at the forefront of AI investing worldwide as it already has access to the top AI investing technology available.

Using pricing oracles, BlockBank can provide an incredible amount of data for the AI to analyze and learn patterns from. Though the cryptocurrency industry is very volatile, the AI is capable of noticing these patterns and capitalizing on the extreme volatility in prices. Bringing this existing AI technology to the crypto world while integrating it into BlockBank’s non-custodial wallets will forever change the way that crypto investors will trade and invest.


In addition to these game changing features, BlockBank is launching its own utility token: BBANK. The BBANK token will let users stake and earn increased APYs plus unlock other features. Users can unlock access to the AI robo advisor, get insurance on their holdings, earn cashback on cards, and more. These features are broken into tiers, incentivizing users to stake more tokens and upgrade to a higher tier.

Staking tokens will also earn users impressive APYs. Simply staking BBANK tokens can earn a user up to 20%. Users will be able to stake additional assets in the platform and earn an additional 10% paid in BBANK tokens. With the high amount of rewards, users will be heavily incentivized to stake tokens for long periods. These staked tokens not only help BlockBank grow as a bank but also inherently take tokens out of the circulating supply. And less supply means growing prices.

Once released, the BBANK token will be publicly available on both Uniswap and Pancake Swap. By supporting both the Ethereum Chain and Binance Smart Chain, retail investors will be able to start purchasing BBANK tokens without paying extreme gas fees. This lowers the barrier to entry, enabling BlockBank’s target demographic to start purchasing BBANK tokens as soon as it’s launched.

The BlockBank App

One of BlockBank’s biggest features is an easy to use app. Because of app store’s centralized distribution systems and lack of Dapp integration, most DeFi projects have strayed away from developing mobile apps. However, BlockBank is breaking through these barriers and making an app for the masses.

Originally launching the beta in 2019, BlockBank has been continuously adding features based on community feedback. The app already supports a non custodial wallet, credit top up, and cashing out through gift cards.

And the team behind BlockBank is just getting started. They have plans to expand across more countries throughout the world, build eCommerce solutions, integrate their exclusive AI technology, and become your goto way to check crypto markets and news. All of this will be added to the upcoming V2 app, which is being completely rebuilt to better support centralized finance solutions in a decentralized form factor.

Offering a seamless user experience is a critical step to seeing mass adoption. Blockchain technology isn’t accessible because of its inherent complexity. The public simply doesn’t have the time required to do research and learn about cryptocurrencies. By offering the best of both decentralized and centralized financial systems, BlockBank can bring DeFi services to the general public.

“We are super excited to support Blockbank and their vision of a transformative DeFi and CeFi project that simplifies the banking system experience for it’s users. The team at Blockbank are some of the most passionate team members we have come across in the cryptocurrency industry. Their belief in their product speaks volumes and we at the Tsukiyomi Group are excited to see how far they push the boundaries in the DeFi and CeFi space.”

— Tsukiyomi Team

A Promising Future

With the Token Generation Event scheduled for April 28th, BlockBank continues to become a stronger project with impressive fundamentals and an ambition for change. BlockBank is perfectly poised for usage in the general public and the Tsukiyomi Group looks forward to seeing the BlockBank project flourish into a real world DeFi solution.

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