Tsukiyomi Group Announces Strategic Investment in Beyond Finance (BYN)

The Tsukiyomi Group
2 min readApr 12, 2021

The Tsukiyomi Group is excited to announce a new strategic investment in Beyond Finance.

Beyond Finance is an innovative DeFi platform making investing and trading assets an easy and seamless process. The project lets users effortlessly trade foreign exchange currencies, commodities, derivatives, cryptocurrency, and equities all while staying within the Beyond Finance ecosystem.

By staking BYN tokens, users can invest in Beyond’s synthetics which track the price of the underlying asset. Through the Beyond Exchange, users gain access to an easy-to-use DEX (decentralized exchange) to trade between all supported assets. This ecosystem creates a streamlined way for anyone to invest in assets without defaulting to centralized platforms.

While Beyond is not the first of its kind, the Beyond Finance project fixes many flaws that similar projects face. These include low liquidity, poor price tracking, high trading fees, and many other critical issues that make the platforms unusable.

Using an innovative exchange system, Beyond’s DEX uses a hybrid system of Bid/Ask order book mechanisms and automated market makers (AMMs). Users set a bid or ask order which is then fulfilled by the AMMs. This enables Beyond’s DEX to support extra trading functionality such as limit orders, leveraged trading, and other features previously exclusive to centralized exchanges. All the while, the unique hybrid system creates tighter spreads and zero slippage.

Beyond uses staking functionality for a variety of purposes. Users stake BYN tokens to invest with synthetics and take out overcollateralized loans. In addition, staking BYN tokens allows users to grow passive income by earning a portion of the Beyond protocol’s fees. As the Beyond platform matures, users will be able to participate in a governance system, making Beyond a completely decentralized platform.

Though Beyond contains a plethora of technically innovative features, the project still has a major focus on keeping the Beyond platform user-friendly. The system is being designed to lead users through a simple flow of steps, preventing them from getting confused or overwhelmed. This makes Beyond Finance accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level or trading technical know-how.

The Tsukiyomi Group believes that Beyond Finance is a great project which is utilizing amazing launchpads to kick start its token. The group is excited to see Beyond Finance grow as it enters its next big chapter.

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